Correct your ball flight by changing your grooves.

Longer ball flight. Improved accuracy. More fun!

Discover the grooves that are changing the face of golf and improving distance and accuracy.

Ball Flight Correction technology

Most of us slice it, hook it, hit it low or just don’t hit it like we want. Every golfer’s swing is different, but what every golfer wants and needs is improved ball flight. Even Tour Players are driven by better ball striking.

Don’t change your swing – Change The Face of Your Club

VGG technology helps you correct your current ball flight using 17 vertical grooves on the face, along with other patented technologies, your ball fight will be straighter, longer and just better.

We guarantee it.

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What real golfers say about Vertical Groove Golf 


    Vertical grooves on the club face - reduces side spin at impact, leading to 40% straighter ball flight on average.


    The configurations of the vertical grooves also help Reduce a golfer's tendency to hook and slice their drive, which promotes better accuracy.


    Generate greater energy at impact, resulting in increased distance.

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Get in the Groove

17 Vertical Grooves on the Clubface means...

  • Greater distance
  • Improved accuracy
  • Lower scores
  • More fun!

The Patented VGG Technology produces a club which - even from heel or toe ball strikes - tightens dispersion, reduces spin and limits the damaging effects of a slice or hook. 

Go Vertical for 60 Days on us

These are the best clubs you've never heard of! We want to prove it to you. If you have any doubt about the vertical difference within 60 days, just send back the club and we will give you a full refund.

Add vertical groove to your bag