Choosing the Right Club for Chip Shots: Chipper, Putter, or Wedge?

When it comes to chip shots from the side of the green, the choice between a chipper, putter, or wedge depends on personal preference and the specific situation. Here's a breakdown of each option:


A chipper is a club designed specifically for chip shots. It has a loft similar to a putter but with a slightly longer shaft and a more angled face. Chippers are often favored by mid-to-high handicap golfers because they are generally easier to use and require less practice compared to traditional wedges. The design of a chipper helps to create a low, rolling shot with minimal loft, which can be effective for shots near the green where you want the ball to run out quickly.


Using a putter for chip shots is a common technique, especially when the lie is good and the distance to the hole is short. Putting with a putter allows you to keep the ball low to the ground, which can be advantageous if there are obstacles or undulations to navigate. It requires a smooth stroke and relies on reading the green like a putt. However, using a putter may not be ideal in situations where you need more loft to carry the ball over rough or longer distances.

PLD Putter


Wedges, such as pitching wedges, sand wedges, or lob wedges, are versatile clubs that offer more loft than chippers or putters. They are designed to provide higher loft, making them suitable for various types of chip shots. When you have a short-sided pin placement or need to carry the ball over obstacles, a wedge can give you the necessary height and stopping power. Skilled golfers often prefer using wedges for chip shots because they offer more shot-making options and versatility around the green.

Callaway Wedge

Ultimately, the choice between a chipper, putter, or wedge for chip shots depends on your skill level, confidence, and the specific circumstances of the shot. While a chipper can provide a dedicated club for chipping and may be easier to use for mid-to-high handicap golfers, using a putter or wedge can also be effective depending on the situation. It's recommended to experiment with different clubs and techniques during practice rounds to find what works best for you.