The Vipper Specs

Every golfer dreams of improving their game and lowering their scores. The key to achieving this lies in finding the right equipment that complements your skills and maximizes your performance. Enter the VGG Vipper, a dedicated chipping iron designed to revolutionize your short game. With its advanced features and patented VGG vertical groove technology, this club can potentially help you shave as many as 8 shots off your round. In this article, we will explore how the VGG Vipper can provide you with a distinct advantage on the golf course.

The Power of Vertical Groove Technology

At the heart of the VGG Vipper lies its unique patented VGG vertical groove technology. While traditional clubs feature horizontal grooves, the VGG Vipper enhances performance by incorporating 45 plus micro grooves laser-etched vertically into the clubface. This innovative design promotes consistent spin and improved ball control, resulting in enhanced accuracy and distance control on your chip shots.

Vertical Groove Technology

Optimal Loft, Bounce, and Lie Angle

The VGG Vipper is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional performance around the greens. With 39 degrees of loft, 8 degrees of bounce, and a 69-degree lie angle, this chipping iron provides the ideal combination for achieving optimal trajectory, loft, and spin. These precise specifications enable you to execute a variety of shots with confidence and precision.

Loft on the Vipper

Seamless Sole Design

The VGG Vipper's sole design is a testament to its versatility and adaptability across different lies. Whether you are faced with tight lies, light rough, or medium rough, the sole of the Vipper glides effortlessly through all types of turf, ensuring a smooth and consistent strike. This feature prevents the club from digging into the ground, allowing for cleaner contact and greater control over your shots.

Sole on the Vipper

Alignment Aid for Enhanced Accuracy

Alignment is crucial when it comes to executing successful chip shots. The VGG Vipper incorporates innovative alignment technology to assist golfers in achieving proper positioning and alignment. The strategic placement of the vertical grooves on the clubface helps you square the clubface to the target, improving your aim and leading to more accurate chip shots.

Highlighting micro-groove technology

Lower Scores, Greater Confidence

By incorporating the VGG Vipper into your golf bag, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your short game. The combination of the club's advanced features, including vertical groove technology, optimal loft, bounce, and lie angle, and seamless sole design, empowers you to execute precise chip shots with ease. With enhanced control, accuracy, and spin, you will gain the confidence needed to tackle challenging shots around the green, ultimately resulting in lower scores.

the back side of the vipper

The VGG Vipper is a game-changer for golfers seeking to improve their short game and lower their scores. With its innovative features, including vertical groove technology, precise loft, bounce, and lie angle, and a seamless sole design, this dedicated chipping iron provides golfers with a distinct advantage on the course. By incorporating the VGG Vipper into your arsenal, you can expect to see a remarkable improvement in your chip shots, potentially lowering your scores by as many as 8 shots per round. Elevate your game and experience the difference with the VGG Vipper.