Phil Mickelson chip shot

The art of chipping in golf requires finesse, precision, and a deep understanding of the short game. It is a skill that separates the good from the great, and few golfers have mastered it as brilliantly as those on the PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, and LPGA TOUR. In this article, we will explore some of the greatest chippers in the history of professional golf and delve into their journeys of becoming masters of the short game.


Known for his creativity and touch around the greens, Phil Mickelson has been one of the most exceptional chippers on the PGA TOUR. His ability to visualize shots and execute delicate chip shots with precision is often cited as one of the reasons for his success. Mickelson's dedication to practicing different chip shot scenarios, experimenting with various club selections, and honing his technique has helped him become a master of the short game. His ability to read the subtle slopes and undulations on the greens has allowed him to get up and down from difficult positions consistently.

Phil Milkeson Chipping Short Game
Phil Mickelson

Tiger Woods, widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, has consistently displayed remarkable chipping skills throughout his career. Woods' attention to detail and relentless practice routine have played a significant role in his chip shot proficiency. He has emphasized the importance of developing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of chipping, including proper setup, ball position, and maintaining a soft touch. Woods' short game prowess has often been a crucial factor in his numerous victories. His ability to control spin and trajectory, combined with his mental toughness, has allowed him to execute clutch chip shots under pressure.

Tiger Woods Chipping Short Game
Tiger Woods

Champions TOUR

Bernhard Langer's exceptional chipping skills have been a defining aspect of his successful career on both the PGA TOUR and the Champions TOUR. Langer's dedication to practicing his short game has been unparalleled, often spending hours honing his technique. His ability to control trajectory, spin, and distance on chip shots has set him apart from his peers. Langer's success as a chipper can be attributed to his meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to perfecting his craft. He has emphasized the importance of maintaining a relaxed grip and a rhythmic tempo to generate consistent results around the greens.

Bernhard Langer Chipping Short Game
Bernhard Langer

Jay Haas is another name that stands out when it comes to chipping excellence on the Champions TOUR. Haas has consistently showcased his ability to make challenging chip shots look effortless. His remarkable touch and feel around the greens have been instrumental in his success. Haas' dedication to practicing different chip shot scenarios, visualizing shots, and maintaining a positive mindset have contributed to his reputation as a formidable chipper. His ability to adapt to different lies, bunker shots, and greenside rough has made him a consistent performer in crucial moments.

Jay Haas Chipping Short Game
Jay Haas


Se Ri Pak, a trailblazer in women's golf, was known for her exceptional chipping skills. Her fearless approach and ability to produce clutch chip shots in high-pressure situations set her apart from her competitors. Pak's relentless practice routine, which included practicing various chip shots from different lies and distances, helped her develop exceptional touch and feel around the greens. Her dedication to her short game played a crucial role in her numerous victories. Pak's ability to execute flop shots, bump-and-runs, and high-spinning chips showcased her versatility as a chipper.

Se Ri Pak Chipping Short Game
Se Ri Pak

Annika Sorenstam, one of the most dominant players in the history of women's golf, possessed extraordinary chipping skills. Sorenstam's commitment to developing a strong short game was reflected in her consistent performance on the LPGA TOUR. She emphasized the importance of technique, maintaining a stable base, and developing a soft touch. Sorenstam's ability to control trajectory and spin on chip shots allowed her to navigate challenging situations with finesse and precision. Her ability to assess slopes and green speed enabled her to get up and down from challenging positions with remarkable consistency.

Annika Sorenstam Chipping Short Game
Annika Sorenstam

The greatest chippers in golf history have mastered the art of the short game through relentless practice, unwavering dedication, and an unwavering commitment to perfecting their technique. Golfers like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Bernhard Langer, Jay Haas, Se Ri Pak, and Annika Sorenstam have left an indelible mark on the sport with their exceptional chipping skills. Aspiring golfers can learn valuable lessons from their journeys and strive to emulate their dedication and mastery of the short game. By developing a solid foundation in chipping fundamentals, practicing different chip shot scenarios, and maintaining a positive mindset, golfers can elevate their short game and experience greater success on the course.